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Anemo Tower Phase 2

In the original presentation of this project, some questioned the concept of covering the turbines with the façade and leaving the turbines exposed along the wind shafts. There was some concern that this design would not be the most efficient in terms of capturing wind energy. To further improve this design, this study will look at the implementation of wind panels and their effect on turbine efficiency. To help achieve this, the Dynamo add-in within Revit will be used to drive different parameters and improve parametric modeling. In addition to Dynamo, this study will use Autodesk Flow Design to analyze wind and how it interacts with the surface of the building.

Wind Panel The original design intent of this building was to control where the wind came in contact with the turbine blades so that maximum efficiency could be achieved. The original design consisted of turbines located every five floors and only exposed to the outside air at the wind shafts. Turbines were covered by the façad…

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